Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Key Chain

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Microfiber Cloth
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RE-FOCUS on your vision with our Microfiber Cleaning Cloth on a Key Chain
for use with
your phone, ipad, eyeglasses, computer, display screen in your car, and more!

RE-FOCUS on your vision by having this item with you at all times!

Have you ever needed to clean your glasses, clean your phone so that it works properly, or clean your computer screen to see it better but never had the right cloth to do it without scratching those items?

We have a solution available in five bright and crisp colors! Our Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is a safe and effective way to clean all types of lenses, screens and glass surfaces without scratching or damaging them. 

"RE-FOCUS" is printed on them as a reminder to clean your glasses so your vision does not become limited or a distraction to you.

The microfiber cleaning cloth is attached to key chain/pouch so you can have it rolled up inside the pouch or outside hanging from your purse, backpack, or briefcase.

Our staff keep them in their cars, their purses, their backpacks, and their desks. Place them in areas that you might charge your phone, or on a nightstand with your glasses, or your desk near your laptop. You will love having them stored in the pouch to keep from getting any dust particles on them throughout the day.

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