Our Amazing and Passionate Team

The idea and vision of the company “RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE" was created in March of 2019. Angela Stephens wanted to help her son in school and in life as he had been diagnosed with ADHD in the 5th grade.

When traditional methods were not working, she realized she needed to start "looking through his eyes...."

She watched webinars, conducted extensive research, read articles on ADHD, attended seminars, and listened to ADHD experts on different ideas

that could help her son do better in school and in life... In addition, she focused on nutrition, and other ideas to help him focus.

As a business owner, Angela realized that many of the ideas that could help her son would also help her and her team at work. She immediately started implementing many of the ideas into her business. Darold Sauber, CFO, would help their son with homework and realized what ideas were helpful and which ideas did not work. Many individuals of all ages have difficulty remembering the smallest things on a daily basis. They lose their phone, their keys, forget to turn in homework, keep looking for that file they have been looking for, help with password management and more. 

Stress and emotional issues in life, the overall aging process, and memory loss can become frustrating for individuals of all ages. We realize that not everyone is going to be tech-savvy. Some prefer to do things on their computer, their phone, but for some individuals, they like the visual paper products, as well as our other focus products. 

We want to help make work/school/life easier and less tasking for individuals like Small Business Owners, Parents, Students, Teachers, and more who may struggle with ADHD, ADD, Dementia, and just overall daily struggles that many may have.

By the way, that child is now in College, he was diagnosed in the 5th grade... Angela was diagnosed at 45.

Our mission is clear: Once an individual is focused, organized, and finds their "calm" - they can be BRILLIANT!

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