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All of our products are created "through the eyes of a child with ADHD..."

As a single Mother for ten years...I hope our journey helps you as you raise your children, teach your students, or provides you the encouragement that anything is possible. No matter what you are going through... Even becoming a Business Owner of 3 businesses as a single Mother!!

As any Mother knows we want to help our children grow up and be happy. I started noticing my son struggling in school & in social situations around the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade,,, Eventually we had him tested and he was diagnosed at a high level of ADHD in the 5th grade. We tried everything. When traditional methods were not working for my son, I realized I had to start thinking differently. I had to start "looking through his eyes" to find out what he struggled with on a daily basis... That was when everything changed, I started creating products that didn't exist. He went from a D to an A Student and now is an Adult thriving in life, working and attending College. As my son was diagnosed with ADHD in the 5th grade... I was diagnosed at age 45. I thought I was getting early onset dementia, leading me to be tested... I was tested at a high level just as my son was. As a company, we are constantly researching ways to help others "focus better" whether they have ADHD or not, we want to create products that work. "Believe me, I am a great example of what works and what does not work..." Therefore, every product in our suite of products has a reason behind them... ​Today, we have over 36 products that help you FOCUS & RE-FOCUS. I also am the Podcast Host to 2 Podcasts:

FOCUS Podcast: www.refocuswithangela.com
Career Podcast: www.refocuscareers.com/podcast

"My passion is truly helping others, finding ways to help them focus and create an amazing life. I never thought the journey of raising my son would help others. However, I wouldn't trade one minute of our journey. He is brilliant in so many ways!! Our mission is clear: "Once a person is focused, organized, and finds their "calm" they can be BRILLIANT"
Angela Stephens, CEO & Podcast Host

Below you can hear an Episode with Drake on our Podcast: https://www.refocuswithangela.com/podcast-1/episode/5092b300/4-a-college-students-view-on-what-its-like-living-with-adhdeading 3