RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE, Executive Black Password Keeper Book, Flexible Faux-Leather Cover

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RE-Focusing on Your Journey: A Guided Anxiety Journal for Adults

RE-Focusing on Your Journey: A Guided Anxiety Journal for Adults

College/University & Scholarship Timeline/Organizer/Planner by RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE

College/University & Scholarship Timeline/Organizer/Planner by RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE

The Executive Black Password Book by RE-FOCUS THE CREATIVE OFFICE is the deluxe version of our password keeper book journals. A fashionable design that is perfect for executives, professionals or anyone who wants elegance along with functionality. This product makes an excellent gift for executives.  The discreet cover is made of a flexible faux-leather providing an upscale look that is bendable, flexible and has an upscale image. The inside is organized with alphabetical tabs and has room for 576 passwords. Each entry allows for website, username, password, company, name, email, phone and security questions. It measures 10” X 7.6” x 0.5" and is 144 pages.

  • LARGE SIZE: measures 10” x 7.6” and weighs 1.06 lbs.  It has 144 pages and holds up to 576 passwords. Easy to read and write in.
  • ALPHABETICAL TABS: organized alphabetically with two letters per tab except O, P, Q and X, Y, Z have three letters per tab.  Each tab has 12 pages with 4 password entries per page. 
  • DURABLE: made of quality materials; premium paper stock, durable spiral binding and a flexible faux-leather cover that resists tearing or scratching.
  • PASSWORDS, PASSCODES, USERNAMES & SECURITY QUESTIONS along with other notes that may be important to add.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - A product that every executive, spouse, boss, or that person who is hard to buy for will enjoy having this product.

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