“RE-Focus” The Creative OFfice


The idea and vision of the company “Re-Focus, The Creative Office” was created in 2017 when one of the Founders Angela Stephens wanted to help her son in school and in life as he had been diagnosed with being ADHD when he was in the 5th grade. She did extensive research, read articles on ADHD, watched many webinars and seminars and listened to ADHD Experts on different ideas that could help her son do better in school, with friends, nutrition, and more. As Angela Stephens was a business owner, she realized that many of the ideas that could help her son, would also help her and her team in work. She immediately started implementing many of the ideas into her business. Darold Sauber, who is also one of the Founders of the business would help their son with homework and realized what ideas were helpful and which ideas did not work. Darold is a Mechanical Engineer by training and has a unique ability to look at this area with a unique eye to see what was missing and what could work differently. As Angela found herself struggling with remembering usernames and passwords she went to every website, Office Supply Stores and would look for hours for something that could help her remember usernames, passwords, security questions and more. She would look for hours and could not find anything that would work.

Drake Stephens who is Angela’s son has created many of the Specialty Advertising products for Angela’s company and always showed creativity in this area since the age of 14.

The idea overall is to help make work/school/life easier and less tasking for individuals like Small Business Owners, Parents, Students, Teachers, and more who may struggle with ADHD, ADD, Dementia, and just overall daily struggles that many may have.

Many individuals of all ages have difficulty remembering the smallest things on a daily basis. They lose their phone, their keys, that file they have been looking for, that password and more. This can also be caused by stress, emotional issues in life, or overall the aging process. We realize not everyone is going to be tech-savvy. Some prefer to do things on their computer, their phone, but for some individuals they like the visual paper product, or may not be able to keep up with technology.

However we now know that computers can be hacked, and identity theft is a risk that continues to happen daily. We have found that our information is not as safe as one might think.

She has spent years having conversations with these individuals to find out what their struggles were. She would hear what they would like about a certain calendar, address book, file, etc. and why certain products were not working. As she would try to help them find the right products, she found herself at a loss on trying to help them solve their problems. Calendars were always frustrating and she realized that even though there were many calendar options, there were also many other products that were missing that could make many lives much easier.


We create products that make your life easier!

RE-Focus, the creative office Team

Darold Sauber


Darold Sauber is a Business Development Director Executive who has 25+ years of experience in Business Development/Contract Manufacturing experience in the Packaging industry. He travels extensively and has worked with corporations, brand owners, and entrepreneurs for many years in various industries. By training, he is a Mechanical Engineer and started his career as a Field Service Engineer, then moved into a Business Development Role, which led into Operations Management. His Engineering background has provided him the platform to grow his career working with Customers, Brand Owners, and Manufacturing Plants globally. His role has been to work with the Entrepreneur and Brand Owner from day one to help create their new product from start to finish. As he would listen to these individuals on an on-going basis, he has seen various situations professionally and personally where the concept of this product line could benefit not only himself but others… Darold would work with new Entrepreneurs that wanted to create a new beverage. Along with his knowledge in Contract Manufacturing, he would watch as they would be frustrated with the daily office responsibilities, and along with the RE-Focus team they are working to not only help the new business owner, but also individuals. Darold realizes that with this product line, this team will be creating new products that will make your life much easier.

Angela Stephens


Angela Stephens is the President and Founder of A. Stephens & Associates, LLC, an executive search firm that she has owned for over 25 years. She works with corporate executives in various industries on a global basis. She works with her team as they help corporations find professional top talent at the C-Suite level. Angela created that business 25 years ago with $3,000. She knows first hand what it’s like to be a small business owner and entrepreneur to grow and compete with Fortune 500 companies. She has consulted with many Executives providing guidance in their careers from when they were just starting out to the CEO level. For many years, she would stand in the aisles of such companies as Staples, Office Depot, Walmart, Target, etc. and would speak with various business owner about what was missing in certain products, and what they wished these products would have. She would listen to their concerns, and watch them as they would become frustrated when they could not find that “right” product. She listened to business owners struggle over the smallest areas in their business which in turn took time away from what they were hired to do in their positions. She realized that many small business owners had to do everything starting out. They had to do their accounting, the scheduling, the role of receptionist, and more….. She found that certain areas they would struggle with would end up taking hours to figure out which would take them away from their primary work. As she made notes in a journal of all of their frustrations, she is now finally putting that knowledge and feedback together with the RE-Focus team to help create the solution. RE-Focus, The Creative Office is a company that helps you think differently, and they hope it will help you make your life easier.

Drake Stephens


Drake Stephens started working with Angela in her business creating her Advertising Specialty products. He works with the team to create new and innovative products to help individuals create solutions to their problems. Drake was one of the original members to create the first product of the Password Book and soon realized with Angela Stephens what changes needed to be made. As he worked with Angela on one of her customer’s appreciation concepts, they realized they had something very unique, something that could benefit almost everyone. After extensive research of finding out what was missing on their concept product, they made the revisions and added a new look to the original product over a two year period. To find out how this concept was originally created and the vision, read more in the section: About Us!

Drake is a senior in high school this year, he plays tennis, he also plays the Viola in Orchestra, he rides ATV’s and loves fixing just about anything mechanical. He is an Officer of the Future Business Leaders of America FBLA. He is taking Engineering classes. He is hoping to work in automotive engineering in his future, as well as participate with the RE-Focus Team. A unique experience he had as a child that many do not know would be the following: He was a child Actor in film. In addition he was the voice of the Hallmark “CuPig” for Hallmark which sold nationwide for several years and he has his own IMDB page.