About Us

The idea and vision of the company “Re-Focus, The Creative Office” was created in 2017 when one of the Founders Angela Stephens wanted to help her son in school and in life as he had been diagnosed with being ADHD when he was in the 5th grade. She did extensive research, read articles on ADHD, watched many webinars and seminars and listened to ADHD Experts on different ideas that could help her son do better in school, with friends, nutrition, and more. 

As Angela Stephens was a business owner, she realized that many of the ideas that could help her son, would also help her and her team in work. She immediately started implementing many of the ideas into her business.

Darold Sauber, who is also one of the Founders of the business would help their son with homework and realized what ideas were helpful and which ideas did not work.

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The Password and Contacts Book has features that many will appreciate. Individuals such as a Small Business Owner, Parent, Student, Retired individuals and others who will need this products on a daily basis.

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