We have all done this.

How many times have you experienced these scenarios?

You need to check on your bank account, or log into your website…..you remembered your username….but what about your password? It’s that one character that you changed that does not come to mind….

You reset it on the road. Everything seems fine……

Until tomorrow.

You log into the website.

You can’t remember your password….

You try several variations. After three attempts you are locked out.

Your bank now has indicated you need 8 letters one special character, but you cannot use these certain characters…. You spend 15 minutes just trying to create a password that will work…

Maybe you share a password with your family. Your teenage daughter is needing to order something so she logs into the family account. She forgets, and changes it….

The family does not get notified…

Then frustration hits.

Maybe your password is the one to your television that your entire family shares….and no one can get into Netflix or is not able to record their favorite show.

Young and old, once, twice or many times….we have all been there.

Yes, having your computer to remember your last password is great until….

Your computer is hacked, your bank records are attached, and you don’t have anything written down…

Now, we have the answer.

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 RE-Focus, The Creative Office Team