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Patients Who Are Terminally Ill

Yes! The Pill Box!

If you think about your daily routine whether it be in the morning or at night, your pill box is the one item you reach for that helps you remember your medication or your vitamins and supplements. We have many designs in development, but we are introducing 7 unique designs.


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All kids as well as teens like to have their name on their products. We have two attractive designs that are created for this group. They are bright and cheerful and will be a great addition to their daily routines.
“My Pill Box Belongs To _______”

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We overlook many busy Moms and Dads as they attend baseball games, soccer games, tennis matches and more. They are the ones who pack lunches, buy the groceries, help their children when they need them, and many times adults not only care for their children and busy teens, but also their aging parents. This ADULT PILL BOX is designed to be a reminder that you are important. “Make yourself a priority….” – we depend on Moms, Dads, and busy Executives take care of many individuals and businesses. It’s important that you take care of yourself, so that you can care for others. Another PILL BOX says the following: “Your stronger than you think….” – to all the adults who have busy schedules we hope this is a reminder to take care of you….

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PAtients who are terminally ill 

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As this PILL BOX Group can relate to many, we wanted to encourage patients who might have a terminal illness, or have a chronic condition, or just need a lift…

“Because your little ones need you….” 

“Have Defiant Hope…..”

“Because I could be the Cure…”

Whether you know someone who is ill, who has cancer, has chronic pain, or just needs a lift in life this group is for you. Our team realizes that sometimes life can be difficult…. Our hope is that when they reach into their purse, backpack, laptop case, etc. that these sayings will lift them up, will encourage them to keep going, and if they do have a terminal illness, our hope is that you would keep fighting, and never give up.

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All of our PILL BOXES can be interchanged with different groups and individuals. We just wanted to highlight how these PILL BOXES can be used personally, or given as a gift to someone who needs encouragement.

The cover is exquisite as it is easy to grab without being slick. The cover snaps together so that your medication does not fall out.

The inside has the days of the week highlighted in BLUE as through our research BLUE is a color we recognize quickly.

The PILL BOXES snap off so that I you need to take two days instead of the entire week, this is possible to do so with this style.

The Window of the Pill Box is a clear opening so that you can put your Insurance Card, or your Drivers, License. The KIDS/TEENS Pill Box can have an ID card or their Parent’s contact card in case the PILL BOX gets lost.

Its over all size is about 4.33 x 3.15 x 1.6 inches.

We hope you enjoy these. We have more to come and can’t wait to share more with you in the future.



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Re-focus, The creative office team