Password /Contacts Book

The Password and Contacts Book has features that many will appreciate. Individuals such as a Small Business Owner, Parent, Student, Retired individuals and others who will need this products on a daily bases.

Our hope is that we will make each individuals’ life easier on a daily basis. In addition, the Leather Executive Password Book we feel will be a nice touch to the business executive or as a gift for the traveling executive.

On each page you will find the following:

  • Username, Password, Security Questions, Contacts for phone numbers and emails.
  • In addition, there are multiple lines for changes that are made to your password and usernames. There are tabs that clearly define each area.
  • Bright Colors to originate your password/contact book to not be mistaken by a family member or co-worker.
  • The heavy stock cover is carefully designed not to tear or bend.
  • The book is slim enough to fit into your backpack, tote, or laptop bag.

Internet security has now shown that having your passwords online can be a risk. The Password/Contact Book is designed to go with you everywhere and provide that comfort of security. Password/Contact Books are available to be designed for corporations with your logo, please email us to find out more.

Special attention has been given to the weight of the paper, which has a strong and sturdy feel to the paper. The width of the lines and spaces on the pages are perfect to write your information without running out of space. The cover is strong and sturdy which makes it easy to find in your bag. The bright colors also make the Password Book easy to find.

Currently there are 4 colors to choose from. The reason we designed various colors, is so that you do not get them confused with family members, or co-workers. The colors that we have selected are the following: Blue, Pink, Green, Black, Black Leather which is our “Executive Leather Book”. 









You can also write in your security questions on the available lines.  







































Co-branding opportunity

Do you like our Password Book?  This product is available to co-brand with your company with your logo to gift your clients or to spark your business even further. Contact us for more details.

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