Left-handed Password Book

For the first time, we have created a unique Password Book for Left Handed Professionals! As many of us know, Left Handed Professionals are some of the most intelligent, creative, unique professionals in the world. However, they often are overlooked. They lean on the wires of spiral handbooks, they adapt to the right handed ways of our world. They don’t complain but appreciate when there are products that are designed for them. Our team at RE-Focus, The Creative Office has created a product just for the left handed professionals. If you are not left handed you know someone who is. We all know someone who is left handed. This is a great gift for them that is under $20.00 and a gift that they will appreciate. The opening, the tabs, the wire, etc. is all on the opposite side making it easy for the left handed individual to have ease and comfort when writing their passwords down for reference. We hope you enjoy this product, we greatly enjoyed considering all of the unique and creative characteristics of individuals that are left handed. We graciously hope that this will make your life more organized, and help you to re-focus your life!


The Left Handed Password Book is available in BLUE and comes with all of the great features of our original Password Book.








  • Username, Password, Security Questions, Contacts for phone numbers and emails.
  • In addition, there are multiple lines for changes that are made to your password and usernames. There are tabs that clearly define each area.
  • Bright Colors to originate your password/contact book to not be mistaken by a family member or co-worker.
  • The heavy stock cover is carefully designed not to tear or bend.
  • The book is slim enough to fit into your backpack, tote, or laptop bag.


We create products that make your life easier!

Re-focus, The creative office team