Premium Legal Pads

Need a great TO DO List? Or Need more TO DO & Appointment lists for your Calendar? Now we have them plus Magnet pads!

As our TO DO Lists have been so popular inside our calendars, we have had requests to create Legal Pads that match to be used for extra sheets. We listened, and our legal pads are NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The pad is professional, the weight of the paper is sturdy, and feels nice as you create your TO DO list for today, tomorrow, or in 30 days.

  • 8.5 INCHES w x 11.75 in H
  • 30 Sheets each
  • Bundle of Two
  • TO DO List – Appointment, matches the inside TO DO list and Appointments in Calendar
  • PINK – Available in Pink
  • BLUE – Available in Blue


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Re-focus, The creative office team