Our newest product! 2020/2021 Academic Calendar with Weekly To-Do lists for 
Tasks, Notes & Appointments!

Here is why our calendars are different from the ones on the market.

If you look at many calendars, the numbers for the dates in the month are lighter (if you read the About us section you will find that all of our products are created “through the eyes of a child with ADHD…”The CEO’s son was diagnosed with ADHD and she worked with him to “think differently” which in turn helped her other businesses. The numbers in our Academic Calendar are brighter and POP with Color! The covers have a water color theme with a bright Purple, and Pink, along with a Professional Black Style.

  • July to June Academic Calendar in Purple, Pink, and Black!
  • Never Seen Before until now! A Weekly To Do List/Appointment list inside between each month (we also have matching legal pads!)
  • Attractive, modern design that has matching products!
  • Top quality cover that is resistant to tearing, bending, or breaking
  • Available in Purple, Pink, and Black with Alphabetical Tabs!
  • View the entire month at a glance
  • Uniquely designed in the USA by our own top designer at RE-Focus, The Creative Office
  • Attractive, bold, and bright colors for the numbers of the month
  • Appealing and bright colors that highlight each day of the calendar week
  • High quality, durable product, that can travel with you anywhere you go!
  • Heavy weight paper enclosed in a strong sturdy cover
  • Strong and sturdy binding that holds calendar together well and opens flat making it easy to read
  • Extensive research was put into this product to provide you with the most effective way of making your life easier!!
  • July – June Academic Calendar that includes a 7-day week planning area. Students can coordinate their homework and dates for testing. Teachers can plan out the school year for their students. Parents can coordinate school functions as well as sporting events. Corporate Executives will also find this calendar beneficial to plan into the following year.

  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 10.5 x 0.5 inches

Our 2020-21Academic Calendar is available now on Amazon.com via below “Buy Now” button.

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Re-focus, The creative office team